The Bitter Lemon Whiskey Sour

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The Bitter Lemon Whiskey Sour

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This is a Whiskey Sour with a twist, or two, The Bitter Lemon Whiskey Sour. I made some Candied Lemon Slices the other day for a which resulted in about two cups of a slightly bitter, lemon flavored simple syrup.

It has a really wonderful, sweet and bitter flavor and has been great in Lemon Drop Martinis, and in the Kentucky Summer Cocktail and now using it to make my Bitter Lemon Whiskey sour it’s one of my favortie simple syrups. I have also reconstituted some dried sour cherries in Orange Liqueur as a nice little garnish for the cocktail. I simply warmed 2 oz of the orange liqueur briefly, not too hot, then poured it over ¼ cup of dried sour cherries to let soak for about 30 minutes. Save the orange liqueur for the cocktail, as it picks up a really interesting, complex flavor from the sour cherries.

Here’s my Bitter Lemon Simple Syrup recipe:

-Combine sugar and water in a saucepan, bring to a boil

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