Orange Crush.

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Orange Crush.

This morning glass of OJ is coming right up!

Because it’s the first day of summer and it’s totally appropriate to drink this on the beach. In the morning. Or at least at brunch. There. We’re safe now.

Let me tell you about the orange crush!

Because as basic as this glass looks, I could not be more excited to tell you about this little orange crush baby. But here’s the thing… I had never tasted an orange crush. Ever!

Lacy was telling me about the orange crush cocktails served in Ocean City and how refreshing and delicious they are in the hot summer sun. Even though my east coast-loving self has never been to Ocean City, you’ve heard me ramble on about going to Wildwood and Cape May every year and now I’m thinking… why didn’t they serve those there?!

Orange Crush.

Or maybe they did. And I totally missed it.

It wasn’t exactly like we were going to bars or even up to the boardwalk. We were just weirdos who would sit on the beach until 8PM, then go up to the pool, then have a snack, then maybe have dinner, then drink and play cards in our condos until 2 or 3. In the morning!

And we weren’t with friends. We were with… our moms. And dads. And families!

This is why I can never stop talking about my family vacations. Ha.

But anyhooooo. Orange crush. Let’s do it.

Orange Crush.

I know that I’m really -heavy here on the blog. The same could be said for , and basically . Or insert rosé or another millennial-loving drink here.

Which is why I’m shocked when I tell you that this might be my new hot summer drink. YES. I may pass right over the and the sangria because this? It’s so refreshing and delicious. Like on another level.

Right now, I’m into it more than the , which is wild.

I don’t even love – unless they are made with grapefruit juice or blood orange juice or something other than plain orange juice, you know?

Any sort of orange juice based cocktail makes me just… meh. Maybe I had too much of it in college?

Orange Crush.

Even orange juice at breakfast. I couldn’t care less about it.

So these? They came as a shock.

The entire juiced orange is the game changer. I used my because that thing gets every last ounce of juice out of citrus. Plus, it helps that it looks cute on the counter. And that Max can use it and juice with me too.

Errr, not for this. You get it.

That juiced orange though? While I’m really on the nostalgia throwback train, it makes it taste like something from Orange Julius, but even better. More refreshing and light. Almost creamsicle-like even though there is no vanilla.

Orange Crush.

There is also vodka. You can’t even taste it, so yes… we’re all in trouble.

There is supposed to be Triple Sec, but I always have Grand Marnier on hand and it was perfect here.

You top it off with lemon lime soda – so whatever version of that you’re into? Go for it.

I did a slice of orange. A sprig of mint. And a big fat straw because you will want to suck these down.

- 1 navel orange freshly juiced

Orange Crush.

- 1 ounce grand marnier and tag #howsweeteats. You can also post a photo of your recipe to the .

Even if it looks like nothing it’s the most wonderful nothing ever.

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Nice post. Tasty treat refreshment

In addition to crushing oranges, we also crush grapefruit, lemon, watermelon, peach, mango and lime here in Ocean City. Hope you get to experience OC one day!

Orange Crush.

i am DYING to try this in grapefruit form! hoping they have it in rehoboth when i go for my book signing!

They 100% do. The best ones are in Dewey at Rudder or North Beach, but they’re all over Rehoboth as well! I’d never had one until I went – but they’re everywhere and so addicting!

Yes! Another place to try is on the rocks dockside grill, which is a bayside restaurant at the cape may lewes ferry terminal. A great stop even if you aren’t taking the ferry! Their grapefruit crushes are great.

I love orange juice but I like grapefruit better. Grapefruit crushes are the only crush I crush!

These are very similar to a drink that got me in some fun/trouble once upon a time – the OO7. Orange juice, Stoli orange, and 7 up.

Orange Crush.

To lighten it up, I usually have the bartender add seltzer in place of the sprite – will have to try making these at home!

I do the same thing when I’m in Dewey Beach! Seltzer lightens it up and isn’t as sweet – love it.

I started reading your blog about 6 months ago and really enjoyed it until recently when in every single recipe you post you talk about being a millennial. I associate a millennial with being very self involved, spoiled and entitled. It is not something I would brag about and I feel that is what you are doing.

Hi Jenn! while that is your opinion and you associate being a millennial with those things, the legit definition of a millennial is “a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.” I’m not bragging about anything – I AM a millennial! Just like my mom is a baby boomer. I was raised in the 90s and millennials love certain things, like rosé and acai bowls and avocado toast and saved by the bell. however, i do get why you feel that way, as many people that age do behave as such. but also, many successful entrepreneurs are millennials . I called this a millennial-loving drink – it has nothing to do with being entitled and spoiled. and while I do mention being a millennial in posts often, it’s certainly not every single one. thanks for reading!

Yeah what a weird, hateful thing to say. It’s just a generational marker, Jenn. Not even remotely all of us are like that stereotype, and every generation has stereotypes I wouldn’t paint every person with. Millennials are also known for being unbelievably hard workers who are flat broke and care more deeply for the environment and choosing greener consumer options . But I have boomer friends, too. And all those negatives are a brush I wouldn’t paint them with. Every generation has jerks and heroes.

Orange Crush.

Oh, I didn’t notice your reply. :) Cool! I think most people don’t think a lot about the generational labels. It feels like they’re going to dwindle away because what else can you say? Millennials came of age with phones and Gen Z can talk to Alexa? These generation markers used to mean something because lives were more separate and countries were more united. Now our lives are all intertwined yet our country is fractured and polarized. These generation labels probably don’t apply to the majority of the people they supposedly represent.

This is old so probably no one will read it. But there I said it. LOL.

Jenn, I would hope that one’s generation would also not be something to be ashamed of. Millennials are not a certain kind of people; they’re just those born in a certain time frame. The stereotypes about millennials are basically about young, hip professionals, and many, many people don’t fit that but are still millennials. And even the stereotype doesn’t automatically convey anything bad … the current entry-level to 30s professionals are less likely to do things because they’re supposed to and more likely to do things based on value. They’ll stay in a job with low pay if there are chances to learn and chances for advancement, but they don’t tend to overstay. They also want to be happy at work, which is why workplaces offer fun perks and have committees such as culture committees that come up with activities and fun things to do. I’m a baby boomer, and we just drank beer in the back room. I love the current climate that is centered around retaining younger workers. My old job has video games, exercise machines, and a bunch of other things, just a few years after I left. Millennials also tend to steer toward companies with visions/missions that contribute to communities and causes and that are greener. I’m glad people are less likely to stay in jobs they hate because of some unfounded loyalty. No one owes a company loyalty for giving you a crappy job. I’m glad people are more likely to better themselves and look for happiness in their work culture. As far as general culture, no idea. I don’t see millennials being monolithic. I don’t see millennials with their heads in the stars because people told them they can do anything. I don’t see millennials expecting to be treated special because people gave them participation trophies . I’ve never seen anyone from any generation who expected to be treated special unless they were someone important, and those aren’t usually millennials. They are usually baby boomers, at this stage, or Gen Xers. Generational labels used to mean something, but now they are basically arbitrary cutoffs and a change for young and old to criticize one another, and you’ll always have the complaints about the current young/youngish generation because life is always different for them than it was for the previous generation. And who creates that life? The generation before. The Millennials didn’t invent cell phones and tablets and all the other tech they are credited with being addicted to. Steve Jobs was a baby boomer. Bill Gates is a baby boomer. They made that. Because it was what they wanted. Because they were young and there were new things happening. Anyway, this is way too long. Just wanted to say that none of the generations are bad. They call the baby boomers the Angry Generation, I just noticed. Does that mean I need to start yelling at kids to get off my lawn? :) Cheers!

Omg I’ve been drinking these since I was newly 21 in OC!! Totally making them too. Thank you!!

Yeah, I found another use for all of the mint

Orange Crush.

I have growing and growing and growing……………………..

p.s…….. isn’t this a blog about who you are and wanting to share it with us?. I like you

We have these all the time in Baltimore! They are delicious… and the Grapefruit crush is the most refreshing amazing drink IMO!

Being a millennial is about a generation. Period. I’m a millennial who happens to be an attorney and I do my job well. My husband is a millennial and in med school. Anyone who reads your blog can see that you are a millennial who has built a brand and a business and a book. I don’t think one can do that on entitlement! You and I have so many similar likes and qualities and I appreciate you sharing that millennials aren’t always selfish brats.

nice, I agree that the default citrus plus vodka drinks are kind of hum drum, so really appreciate this, especially when you compare it to O-Julius, a favorite from childhood, so what better than to pair with alcohol, thank you

Orange Crush.

We go to the NJ beaches too and I just had this drink omg cape may a few weeks ago! Blue pig and the rusty nail both definitely have it!

In Bethany Beach DE, the trend was the grapefruit crush. It’s so near to Ocean City, but their own little spin. I highly recommend trying grapefruit too! Seems like your recipe would allow for an easy swap.

Why isn’t there a Pin button on your recipes?

hi florence, there is! if you put your mouse over the photo, it gives you an option to pin it!

these are big in OC, MD too! they serve them in big buckets at some bars…veryyyyyy dangerous. and delicious!

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