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This Guinness red velvet cocktail recipe is a delicious balance of Guinness beer and champagne. It’s also a perfect cocktail for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart!

Does this red velvet cocktail taste exactly like the cake or cupcake it is named after? No . But not every cocktail tastes like the food that gives it its name.

One standout cocktail/shot that tastes pretty close to the food it was named for is the . Man, oh man, is that delicious!

Guinness Red Velvet Cocktail

This red velvet cocktail is easy to make because it only has two ingredients. They blend together nicely to make a smooth and satisfying drink. Some folks don’t care for the bitterness of Guinness beer, but I say the addition of champagne mellows out the bitterness and balances out the drink.

Tips for making the Red Velvet Cocktail:

- Use champagne flutes for this cocktail because they present it best

- When pouring both beer and champagne, you need to tip the glass you are pouring the liquid into almost horizontally. The reason you do this is because you want to control the head of foam that forms as you pour

- With this cocktail, even though you pour the beer halfway up the glass, you still need to tip the glass when pouring the champagne. You just don’t tip it as much as when you pour champagne in a glass by itself

Guinness Red Velvet Cocktail

- The small bottles of champagne are so convenient when making this red velvet cocktail. That way you aren’t opening a full bottle of champagne and having to drink the whole bottle

- A full bottle of champagne is perfect if you are making this drink for a group

- Always be careful when opening champagne bottles, even the small bottles with the type of cap that you find on a beer bottle, in which case, it may bubble out of the bottle. But, if you are opening a large champagne bottle, always point the bottle away from yourself and other people as the cork is under great pressure and could cause harm when it pops out

How to mix the Red Velvet Cocktail

Gather the ingredients – Guinness stout beer and brut champagne.

Guinness Red Velvet Cocktail

Get a champagne flute and open the Guinness.

Tip the flute and slowly pour the Guinness halfway up the glass.

As you can see there isn’t much of a head after pouring the beer. That is what you are going for.

Open the champagne, tip the glass until the beer is near the top and slowly pour the champagne in the glass. As you pour, you will be straightening the glass as the liquid fills the glass.

It is preferable for there to be a head at the top of the red velvet cocktail.

Guinness Red Velvet Cocktail

Tricks of the Trade of a food blogger

Usually when I photograph my cocktail recipes, I only have one light on to take the photos. With this recipe, I put two on so you could see the beauty of this red velvet cocktail. Notice the pretty reddish color.

Let’s see the cocktail without the champagne bottle in the background. And since it takes a little while to take photos, I was losing the head on the cocktail, so I added more champagne to rectify that. Look at the back right photo. Woohoo!

I hope you enjoyed this Guinness red velvet cocktail recipe.

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Guinness Red Velvet Cocktail

And as always, may all your dishes/drinks be delish!

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The two ingredients in this delicious cocktail balance each other out and make for a tasty cocktail.

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- 3 ounces Champagne brut or extra brut

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