Grapefruit Lime Spritzers #BrunchWeek

Gallery Of Grapefruit Lime Spritzers #BrunchWeek

Grapefruit Lime Spritzers #BrunchWeek

Grapefruit Lime Spritzers #BrunchWeek

Grapefruit Lime Spritzers will be your new go-to Spring drink. Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and homemade lime simple syrup, combine in a light and refreshing cocktail.

I received product samples from sponsor companies to aid in the creation of this #Brunchweek recipes. All opinions are mine alone.

I love these spritzers, because it’s great as a daytime drink for parties, brunch, and weekday happy hour. During the week, I don’t want something too heavy or with too much liquor. Therefore, spritzers are the perfect solution for happy hour at home. They are refreshing, bright, and and an easy cocktail for any day of the week.

Recipe Note: Make sure all your liquids are chilled before mixing. Have extra grapefruit and lime wedges for garnish.

Grapefruit Lime Spritzers #BrunchWeek

Brunch is better with fun cocktails. I love , and often mix and match flavors. When the weather warms up, are a welcome frosty treat. new Lacey Double Wall Insulated Glass is a the perfect whimsical touch for cocktails. Joyjolt also has a gorgeous highball glass that I used for my .

Grapefruit Lime Spritzers start with good quality ingredients. While bottled grapefruit juice is readily available, fresh is best. Homemade lime simple syrup makes the drink extra special. I prefer a sparkling fruit beverage, like San Pellegrino, as opposed to a soda for spritzers. Feel free to mix and match flavors also.

- Simple syrup can be a 1:1 ratio of sugar to water, or in a 2:1 ratio of sugar to water.

- I use a dry measuring cup for the sugar and liquid measuring cup for the water. Weighing with a scale is more precise, though

- When adding ingredients, like lime zest, to the syrup, make sure you don’t get the bitter white pith. I use a .

Grapefruit Lime Spritzers #BrunchWeek

- Strain herbs, zest, and other flavorings before mixing simple syrup into your drink. A is the best.

- Store your syrup in the refrigerator in a labeled and sterilized glass jar. I usually keep my simple syrup for about 2 weeks. Rich Simple Syrup has a longer shelf life, but be aware they do expire and can get moldy.

- 4 ounces freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

- 1 ounce homemade lime simple syrup

- 1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice

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