21 Must-Try Keto Cocktails (That Taste Amazing!)

Gallery Of 21 Must-Try Keto Cocktails (That Taste Amazing!)

21 Must-Try Keto Cocktails (That Taste Amazing!)

Ummm, cocktails on the keto diet? Heck yeah!! Just because you’re watching your carbs doesn’t mean you can’t have a good drink every once in a while. I’ve rounded up 21 must-try keto cocktails in this post. Enjoy!

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Before we get into these awesome cocktails, I want to caution you to watch your consumption. When you’re on the keto diet, your alcohol tolerance will likely drop… so those five drinks you used to pound without a problem before will make you feel seriously yucky the next day. Have a cocktail, maybe two, but don’t go overboard. Your body will thank you!

The Most Keto Friendly Alcohol for Keto Cocktails

You may or may not be surprised to learn that unflavored liquors are carb-free. For that reason, most of the 21 keto cocktails in this post contain them .

21 Must-Try Keto Cocktails (That Taste Amazing!)

Yep, all carb-free. Not calorie-free, but carb-free.

One more thing: an entire BOOK was just released containing over 50 gorgeous keto cocktails! It’s called . I’m buying a copy as soon as I hit “publish” on this post!

Okay, now let’s get the party started with these…

Net carb counts are provided here when available on the recipe.

3.2g net carbs – This yummy keto cocktail is perked up with lime juice and cucumber slices.

21 Must-Try Keto Cocktails (That Taste Amazing!)

2g net carbs – Mint, lime juice, and vodka sweetened with stevia. Yum!

This keto version of the popular “Sex on the Beach” drink uses unsweetened, flavored liquors for a low-carb alternative.

When you can’t make it to the beach, the driveway will do! Peach, lemon, and blueberry flavors all with a pretty blue hue.

This White Russian uses heavy cream and sugar-free Kahlua-flavored syrup instead of Kahlua.

No Kahlua-flavored syrup? This White Russian version uses Splenda, vanilla extract, coffee, brandy, and cream instead.

21 Must-Try Keto Cocktails (That Taste Amazing!)

This awesome margarita uses a specific store-bought carb-free limeade for the perfect keto cocktail.

4.7g net carbs – These mojitos are a bit higher in carbs, but they are gorgeous and full of fruity flavor.

0.8g net carbs – Ohh yeah, a keto piña colada. Heavy cream makes it thick and creamy, and a pineapple-coconut flavoring gives it a punch of ppineapple without the carbs.

3.6g net carbs – This keto cocktail is so light and refreshing. Recipe includes an option to reduce the carbs even further.

1g net carbs – This keto Cosmopolitan recipe has taken the number of carbs in a Cosmo from 16 grams to 1 gram without sacrificing flavor.

21 Must-Try Keto Cocktails (That Taste Amazing!)

#12: by Step Away from the Carbs

1.4g net carbs – This refreshing spritzer recipe uses dry white wine to keep the carb count low.

#13: by Step Away from the Carbs

0.4g net carbs without the decorated rim – Peppermint, chocolate, and heavy cream? Yes please! This is a divine keto cocktail recipe.

#14: by I Breathe I’m Hungry

21 Must-Try Keto Cocktails (That Taste Amazing!)

1g net carbs – This amazing keto cocktail even contains a bit of fruit! It has a “convincing sangria flavor”… I’m sold!

4.3g net carbs – Dry red wine, flavorful spices, keto-friendly sweetener, and a few cranberries and orange slices make up this keto mulled wine.

4g net carbs – Wait until you see this keto cocktail! It’s gorgeous and super low in carbs.

#17: by Peace, Love and Low Carb

1.5g net carbs – This is a seriously awesome mojito with the refreshing flavor of cucumber. Yum! This recipe is by the gal who wrote .

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