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Apple Elderflower Martini

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This Apple Elderflower Martini is the perfect transition from summer to fall cocktail! A hint of floral from the elderflower liqueur and the sweetness of fall apples.

Apple Elderflower Martini

Post contains affiliate links, full disclosure on sidebar.

Well, it’s back to school time already. Remember when back to school meant after labor day? Now, it’s the first of August. Since fall is my favorite season, I’m not really complaining. I’m ready. Bring on the pumpkin and the apples.

Speaking of apples, you are going to love this Apple Elderflower Martini. It is the perfect summer to fall cocktail. Floral notes from the elderflower liqueur and sweet fruitiness from the apple juice and a little vodka to let all the flavors shine through.

If you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, this is perfect!

While it’s well known that I am a gin girl, vodka cocktails do have their place in my heart. Like this cocktail. Since vodka doesn’t assert itself like gin does, it lets the flavor of whatever you are mixing with it shine through. Since we wanted the apple and the elderflower flavors to be present, vodka was the perfect choice.

Apple Elderflower Martini

Speaking of vodka, if you haven’t been to a liquor store lately, go check out the vodka shelf. Or should I say the vodka aisle? Because there are a zillion vodkas. Personally I plan on working my way down the aisle.

The best part of this apple martini? Besides the fact that it’s super delicious? It’s so easy and it makes a pitcher, perfect for your next party. Looking for something a little more elegant for your game day get togethers?

Easy steps to make this Apple Elderflower Martini

- Pour vodka, apple juice and elderflower liqueur into .

- into 4 martini glasses and garnish with cucumber slices and mint leaves.

Apple Elderflower Martini

- Enjoy and contemplate making your next pitcher.

I found this recipe in Donna Hay’s magazine issue #66. If you are looking more cocktail recipes, these are few of my favorite cocktail books: and .

This Apple Elderflower Martini is the perfect summer to fall cocktail!

- 2 tablespoons elderflower liqueur

- Combine the vodka, apple juice and elderflower liqueur in a pitcher.

Apple Elderflower Martini

- Add crushed ice and stir to chill.

- Strain into 4 martini glasses.

- Garnish with a cucumber slice and mint leaves.

Calories: 193kcal | Carbohydrates: 17g | Sodium: 6mg | Potassium: 176mg | Sugar: 15g | Vitamin A: 70IU | Vitamin C: 2.6mg | Calcium: 15mg | Iron: 0.3mg

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Apple Elderflower Martini

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What beautiful summer flavours there are in this elegant drink! Thank you so much for bringing this lovely cocktail recipe to the Hearth and Soul Link Party, Pam. Sharing on my blog page. Hope your week is going well!

Gosh I need to pop this baby out…This looks amazing

I am loving the drink ingredients you paired together. I can’t wait to try.

Apple Elderflower Martini

You’ll have to let me know what you think!

One of my favorite things about Fall is that everything is apples! I adore the variety of apples in fall and love how you have incorporated them into this martini.

I’m so ready for fall and apples!

Wow, this looks absolutely delicious. For our next party I’ll definitely be mixing this up for our guests. Thank you.

Is it five o’clock yet?? This is an amazing martini!

Apple Elderflower Martini

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Apple Elderflower Martini

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Browse hundreds of healthy recipes, tasty cocktails and travel reviews to help you live your best life. From hotel and restaurant reviews to travel tips and family dinners you can do it, I'll show you how!

You are here: / / / Apple Elderflower Martini

LAST UPDATED: July 30, 2018 PUBLISHED: July 30, 2018 By

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